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Benefits of Colocation in the RAP Center

● Data is stored in a top tier and flexible facility Power, space, and capacity are up-to-date and top-of-the line. It’s also easy to add capacity as your needs and business grow. Fiber connectivity is provided for your equipment.

● Multi-layered security protects your network RAP is a dark facility with 24/7 remote monitoring. Key card access and video surveillance are additional security features.

● Ensures business continuity if disaster strikes Customers replicate their servers and drives in a separate, climate-controlled setting. So if disaster damages your on-site hardware, the duplicates at the RAP Center will maintain and continue your business operations.

The Rap Center Features

• 12,400 square feet raised floor with a design power load of 100kVA.

• Two 100kVA UPS systems and a 350-kW standby generator to ensure your equipment keeps running in the event of a power outage in the area.

• Power delivered on the floor by dual power distribution units so that each cabinet has power supplied by an A and B bus.

• Three 20-ton CRAC air handlers supply cool air to the floor. For redundancy, two of the CRACs can cool the floor at design load.

• Inert gas suppression fire systems protect the raised floor and a separate electrical room.

• We provide a dark facility with remote monitoring and video surveillance inside and out.

• Customer’s actual power consumption is metered to the cabinet and billed monthly.

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